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posted January 09, 2007

Park Commons is a free web hosting service for selected groups and is managed by CELOS (Centre For Local Research into Public Space).

Community groups which don't have websites and have an interest in disseminating information about their local urban parks are provided free websites here by invitation. It is for qualified community organizations that have an interest in public space. If you are interested in having a website hosted here, please contact [email protected]. This is an "incubator" service, such that groups would seek independent sources of webhosting services if they need additional service, and the service may be time limited.

The technology used is wiki technology (, based on experience with it at

For some basic (and developing) documentation about the wiki technology see the Help pages.

See also the neighbourhood pages on the CELOS website, showing projects in other neighbourhoods and issues they face.

Christie Rink

Dufferin Grove Park Gardens
Websites hosted here:

New Horizons Garden

Wallace Emerson
Other park websites we know about:

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